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Limo rental Toronto – Tips to consider so you don’t over pay for your

Limo rental Toronto

Limo rental Toronto provide luxury rides for: proms, weddings, parties, airport transfers, and nights out. If you require a luxury service then it is going to cost some money but there are still things you can do to make sure that you don’t break the bank.

Below are tips to consider so you don’t over pay for your limo rental Toronto.

Peak season

Proms and graduations usually occur early in the summer (generally around May and June) so if you book a limo rental Toronto in the off season, you may be able to get yourself some good discounts. The prices of limo rentals generally tend to be lower in off-peak seasons as there is less of a demand for the service.

Traveling on a week day could also be more cost effective for you as limos generally tend to be more in demand during the weekends. The weekdays are considered as off peak days, meaning that using a limo rental during that period could save you a few extra dollars.


Don’t just go for the ‘best price’ just because it is cheaper. Instead, go for the package that meets all your needs and don’t be afraid to double check the terms and conditions of your contract, so you know what you are entitled to.

You need to gain a thorough understanding of what the price includes. Find out whether there any hidden charges for things like fuel and food and drink for the bar.

Some limo rental Toronto could make their packages and deals look less expensive but their pricing may not be transparent.


Keep an eye out for any public events that may be going on in the area around the time you want to use a limo rental Toronto is a very vibrant city with many major events happening weekly. Limo rental Toronto most likely to book quickly around those time and this may affect how much you might have to pay, as it becomes a supply and demand situation.


When hiring a limo, make it perfectly clear to dispatchers what you need the vehicle for so that they know which car to provide you with. A limousine with extra add-ons such as fancy decoration and a bar stocked with food and drink may not be necessary if all you want is a standard limo ride to the airport or a business meeting.

Some companies such as hotels and corporate businesses hire airport limos on a regular basis. If you try to book through them, there is a chance that you could get a good discount.


When looking for a good limo rental Toronto, check local newspapers, and also online. Doing this allows you to compare rates and save money in the end.

If you want to drink while being chauffeured around town, find out if you can bring your own alcoholic drinks and beverages, as purchasing through the limo rental company can be more expensive than bringing your own drink.

Make sure you read over the contracts and stick within the time frame purchased as a few minutes of overtime could lead to you paying more than you expected. Also choose carefully on the type of limo that would suit your event. By discussing your needs and budget with your limo company you should be able to work out something that suits your price range.

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